This organization certifies CHWs, Peers, Prevention Specialists, and Doulas in Nevada.

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Special alert: If your training was completed before July 1, 2019, please upload your training as soon as possible. As of July 1, 2024, all foundation training for initial CHW I or CHW II applications must have been completed within five years.

An additional $75 fee is required to be certificated as a CHW 1. Financial assistance may be available.

The Nevada Certification Board (NCB) is a separate organization recognized by Nevada Medicaid, NV Employers, and many grants. Training programs across the state submit their curriculum to the NCB for approval. Please check any training programs to ensure that they are recognized before you complete a CHW Foundational Class.

  • The Foundational CHW class is required for CHW1 AND CHW2.
  • Please do not apply for CHW1 if you are planning to apply for CHW2 soon.
  • There may be additional costs and confusion if you apply for both CHW1 and CHW2.
  • The Continuing Education hours for CHW2 are IN ADDITION TO your Foundational CHW class.
  • CHW2 is required by some grants and adds to your resume.
  • Medicaid will recognize CHW1 OR CHW2
  • You and your employer are ultimately responsible to ensure that you attain the specific training you need for your area of service.
  • Doing work that you are not trained to do is an ethics violation.
  • CHW Certification is not a medical license! Many CHW services billed to Medicaid must be from CHWs contracted with an approved licensed supervisor/entity and registered biller.

CHW training in other states is not transferable to Nevada. If you have extensive CHW training and experience, you can request a waiver from the NV Certification Board. At the NV Community Health Worker Association, we highly recommend every recognized training program in the state. Please look into each training program and choose what is right for you.

Why get certified?
  • Increased job opportunities
  • Access to more staffing funds
  • Access to training
  • Better services for your community
What am I committing to?
  • Completing foundational CHW training
  • Signing the NV Code of Ethics for CHWs
  • Completing continuing education every 2 years