CHWs may use the ‘Association Zoom’ room to talk about their careers and classes.

CHW Subgrantees may use the ‘Sage Zoom’ room to talk about grant-funded positions.


Our Internal calendar is on SharePoint and called the “Staff Dial”. Our Public calendar is not launched.

The Members area of our website is under development.

NVCHWA Courses

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Active CHW Foundational Training Programs in Nevada

  • CSN
  • TMCC
  • High Sierra AHEC


Medicaid funded CHWs

updated Dec, 2023

After unanimous support from the Nevada Assembly and Senate, the governors signed AB 191 in 2021 and SB 117 in 2023. Read more on Medicaid Reimbursement on the Employer Page.

We are always seeking to uplift the voices of frontline workers and ensure that our resources support them in ways that they need. Objectives:

Archived CHW Panel Videos:

  1. CHW 1st Meeting
  2. Fair Housing
  3. Nevada Cancer Coalition
  4. CHW Jingle