Recent Grants

  • Advanced Track Field Program (Open)
  • Ongoing Topical Support (eligible students are notified)
  • Vaccine Confidence Art (Grant completed and closed)

Field Sponsors

  • Intermountain Healthcare
  • NV CHW Association
  • Healthy Communities Coalition
  • HRSA CHW Training Grant Federal Award #1 T29HP46699-01-00
  • During the three-year grant, 29 of the 150 awardees will serve their apprenticeship at Intermountain Health or a Community Partner.

What am I signing up to do if I am selected for this grant?

  • $4,800 living stipend
  • 8-Week Foundational CHW Course
  • Completing onboarding paperwork promptly
  • 44 hours of Continuing Education classes per CHWII NV Certification Board guidelines
  • Completing surveys for grant reporting by required deadlines
  • Getting help when I run into barriers
Painting of Nevada Sunrise over the mountains
detail from mural by Allison Rasmussen

The Vaccine grant is closed

Grant funded by the State of Nevada in Partnership with Healthy Communities Coalition and Immunize Nevada

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Advanced Track Field Discussion Boards ?HERE

Advanced Track Field Program

We began accepting applications for September classes in April 2024 from students in the NV CHW Association Foundational Training program. The selection committee will review applications one month before classes begin. This grant is merit and performance based so please give complete information on your application to be considered.

**The Field Grant Opportunity is Open for Fall Students**

You must sign up for an eligible CHW class to receive an invitation to apply for this grant.
Over 3 years, 150 students will be selected from Clark, Lincoln, and Esmeralda Counties

❤️ The advanced track program helps CHWs learn more skills and pursue career advancement. Opportunities to begin specialized services can lead to deeper levels of care to benefit your community. You may even decide that you want to pursue a health care license after completing the program

❤️ The selection committee will choose 60 students in the third year to receive a Chromebook, one year data plan, mentorship, funding to apply for the required CHW II Certification, field placement, or apprenticeship. Field placements may be completed with your employer or one chosen with the team

❤️ Field work must be paid by the employer and you will receive an additional $4,800 from Intermountain Health to help you overcome barriers to your success and complete additional health classes. Please complete your Intermountain paperwork promptly so that you can receive the stipend: $2,400 after your first 4 weeks of passing online homework and $2,400 mailed after you complete the core training. Stipend payments may take several weeks to arrive so turn your homework in on time to prevent delays.


2023-2024 CHW students with a high school equivalency working in Clark, Esmeralda, Lincoln, and Nye Counties. Per federal guidelines, applicants must be at least 18, not currently a licensed health professional, not receiving a stipend from any other federal programs, and a U.S. resident or citizen. Students must complete the Core CHW course within two quarters and no later than Aug 2024 to maintain eligibility. In addition, HRSA will require that you answer any declined questions about Ethnicity, Race, Gender and other questions on your registration.

If you believe you are eligible but did not receive an invitation to apply or have questions about this opportunity, please text: 775-538-2855